Alright everyone, I produced and edited a video for the legendary rock club, The Stone Pony. How siked am I about this? Umm, I'm kinda flippin out over here. Which means go check it out!

Special thanks to Jason Barbosa for videography (and dealing with me that day...I was so excited about the opportunity!)


Erin Capuano, who just happens to make great connections at the exact right time and sometimes stuff like this video happens because of them. THANKS!

Maggie P.

MARCH 2006

Music has the power to heal and make change. Forbidden Fruit has decided to perform at several benefit shows this spring...all dedicated to very important causes. Please visit to see the schedule. We hope to see you at a show soon!

Oct 2005

My good friend, Chris Jones of Sunday Allstars died suddenly this month. It's so tragic. I don't know what to say except that I loved and will always love Jonesi. His music and soul touched me and so many people. I'm so sorry this happened. Love, Maggie

Fall 2005

Yes, it is that time. It's time to update the old Sage Indie Music site. I'm not sure how many of you out there are actually reading this, but nevertheless (I love that word) I will continue. Things really couldn't be better musically right now. Forbidden Fruit has totally taken off. We have a grammy award winnng producer getting ready to produce our next album. If I can use a quote from him, "Forbidden Fruit is the void in today's music." Yes, Commish, I agree. We've been gangstered/ hip hop-ed out and I think people really want to hear some fun, happy, and positive music. Forbidden Fruit's reggae-soul music is where it's at. I knew it when I first met the guys in Forbidden Fruit. Here we are 2 years later finally being noticed or discovered (whatever you might call it). Bottom line, I believe these 2 years have proven to only bring the band to a new level musically. I've noticed in our live performances a tightness between members like never before. I've noticed creativity in our arrangements like never before. I've noticed an excitement of a real possibility of success like never before. I've noticed comrairerie like never before. We are going somewhere and we are all hoping that somewhere will be "straight to the top." And if that never happens, well, I feel that I've given myself fully to a musical project that I believe in and when I'm 80 years old swinging on my porch, I will feel proud and accomplished to have been part of such an organization. And that is what is important to me.


Spring 2005

What's up everybody! Maggie Perrotta here from Sage Indie Music. We've got some great things coming up. Please support independent music!

1) I am ARTIST OF THE MONTH in Lilith's Child WEBZINE! This is very exciting for me. Please visit MAY 1st to read the article by Rebecca S.

2) I started an acoustic duo with a good friend, Denise Toner playing originals and covers. Please check out our myspace account at We will be playing soon at a theater near you.

3) Most of you know I play bass in the reggae-soul band, Forbidden Fruit. We are recording a new CD in June. Please visit to listen to our first record "Off The Vine".

4) Watch out for Sunday Allstars. I am playing a full band show with them in May. Word on the street is they are almost done with a full length CD.

5) Last but of course not least. I have been writing some new originals for Succulent Patty. If all goes well, I will be booking a full band show this summer. Stay tuned!

Fall 2004  

Hi everyone! Fall is always a great time for change, progress, and moving forward. Sage Indie Music is always progressing. Independent music is of most importance these days. Please support our creative endeavors and keep the music alive!

We are glad to report that reggae-boogie-disco-rock band, Forbidden Fruit, has posted a web site! Visit and check i t out! Maggie Perrotta of Sage Indie Music is currently producing and engineering a demo for Forbidden Fruit. This demo will be available at gigs shortly.

SUNDAY ALLSTARS has some great news to report as well. Song, "Paper Weights or Cherry Bombs,"was featured on Tri-State area radio
station, Q104.3 on the the new music hour, OUT OF THE BOX. This show is hosted byDJ, Jonathan Clark of Q104.3. Visit to see who else has been featured on OUT OF THE BOX.

Also in SUNDAY ALLSTARS news, the band will be traveling to Kentucky in October for the Mid America NACA Showcase. This showcase will absolutely take this undiscovered band to the next level.

Stay tuned for possible Succulent Patty airplay on Q104.3! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!