About: Sage Indie Music
By founder, Maggie Perrotta

Sage Indie Music is an independent record label dedicated to signing original music in all genres. The idea for the label came to Maggie as she was tired of hearing one hit wonder bands signed to major record labels. She knew there was substantial music out there that needed to be heard. Projects Maggie had in production were not receiving adequate recognition from major labels. She decided she was no longer going to sit and wait until the majors heard the music. Instead, Maggie took action in creating the independent platform, Sage Indie Music.

An important aspect of Sage Indie Music is to encourage the artists’ freedom in making choices relating to the sound, look, and production of their recordings. Maggie offers an intimate involvement with each project by fostering artist and producer creativity. Sage Indie Music identifies and signs artists with talent and the serious potential for future recording and performance careers. Sage Indie Music guides their signed artists to be in control of their own career by learning the parallel business of marketing and promotions of their music through performance and radio.

Good music should always be heard. Sage Indie Music is dedicated to allowing people the opportunity to hear great music.

About: Sage Indie Music Recording Studio
By founder, Maggie Perrotta

Sage Indie Music Recording Studio is where all pre-production for Sage Indie Music projects are cultivated. This is where simple and creative concepts begin to transform into solid CD productions. Sage Recording Studio is equipped to produce a CD from start to finish.